Cast down wrong thoughts

Do you know the difference between a person with ocd and a person without ocd? You probably think yes they have a normal life. No, they don’t. They get hit with the same type of thoughts from time to time that you do.

Here is the difference. A person not living with ocd gets a weird thought or bad thought about something and they recognize that it is not coming from them and they let the thought go. They don’t dwell on it or run it over and over in their mind and they don’t accept it as truth. A person letting the ocd stay in control does. So, what you have to learn to do is let the thought pass and recognize it is not coming from you and it is not true.

Doing that at the onset of the thought helps you to beat ocd at its core. So, you get a thought that something is contaminated and going to harm you. You recognize that the thought is not coming from you. You change the thought in your brain to that is not true and there is no truth in it and you let the thought go. If the thought comes back, you tell God I’m giving this thought to you because it is not coming from me.

Tell yourself the thought is not true and then switch your brain to think on something else. God tells us very clearly that we are to take every thought captive and make it bend to Christ. He tells us we are to think on the things of Christ, things that are pure, lovely and good. The other things we are to cast down under the authority of Christ.

Those are keys to unlocking your brain. You can retrain your brain and your thought patterns. It is not easy and you can’t do it without God, but it can be done. Recognize that it happens to everyone and the only difference with someone with ocd is that we choose to let the thought stay and then sit down and have a tea party with it. God says no, cast it out. Don’t keep thinking on it as if it is your thought. Ocd thoughts do not even bear our second thoughts much less our third, fourth, fifth and on and on thoughts.  You can’t stop the thought from coming, but you can stop yourself from thinking and obsessing on it. We have to change the channel in our brain and ask ourselves how is that even logical because most of ocd is not logical at all.

So, begin to trust God that you can cast down these thoughts and you don’t have to think on them and see where this leads you.

Getting through ocd.

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